"I saw Dr Zwerdling over a long period of time for panic, anxiety and past trauma. It was a slow process for me to learn to trust someone enough to talk openly. There were many ups and downs for me and while it wasn’t always pretty for me, I can say for certain that it was Alan’s patience, kindness, focus and ability to push gently while allowing me move at a pace that I could handle that led me to much needed healing."

"Dr. Zwerdling is one of the most competent, insightful and empathic psychologists I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  My husband and I saw him for marriage counseling, and I cannot praise or credit him enough for the tools he has given us to grow together as a couple. He is the best!"

"I felt so comfortable and safe with Dr. Zwerdling - his gentle, compassionate and kind manner really put me at ease, and I was able to explore and express my feelings and sort out a number of personal issues that had been bothering me for a long time. I am so glad I was able to work with him. My life and my relationships are stronger and happier than ever. I recommend him most highly." 

"Working with Dr Zwerdling was a wonderful experience. He helped me through a very difficult time in my life, both current and past issues. He is very knowledgeable and in a comfortable and above all very safe environment I was able to face thing in my life I never could before. Over the years I've worked with a few therapists and truly, Dr Zwedling was the first person I felt I could take on my problems with. I am now able to face things head on and thanks to Alan Zwerdling I have a very different respect of myself. I really love myself now. I would recommend him to any one who asked and I know if and when needed I would be welcomed back to resume our sessions. I am so grateful I found him when I did!"

"Dr. Zwerdling is a bright, pleasant, professional, and patient therapist.  He gave my husband and me the space to share, and encouraged us to share freely.  With his help we explored our pasts together and got to the emotional roots of why we act and react the way we do. He provided us with the tools needed to understand each other and communicate better. This has made a world of difference our lives together. I highly recommended him!"

"Dr. Zwerdling helped me navigate through a very difficult situation. He was compassionate and listened carefully to what I had to say. His thoughtful questions and expert guidance were invaluable and allowed me to deal with a painful life changing event in the most supportive way. I am grateful to Dr. Zwerdling." 

"Dr. Zwerdling is a wonderful, kind and understanding therapist. We were going through a very difficult time in our marriage and Dr. Zwerdling helped us open up the lines of communication, work through hurt and pain, and learn to listen to each other. He was very sympathetic and understanding, and his knowledge and manner were always reassuring. Overall he created a safe environment in which to talk and to explore difficult topics."


 "I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Alan Zwerdling. He is a kind, compassionate and caring therapist. He helped my husband and I through a very difficult time in our marriage. I have referred him to many of my friends for either private and/or marriage therapy. He is an amazing therapist and I highly recommend!"

"Caring, compassionate and so knowledgeable. Couldn't have done it without him. Highly recommend him to anyone needing support." 

"My husband and I sought out Dr Zwerdling to help us overcome some issues and was particularly helpful in teaching us to better communicate. I am very grateful for his assistance and appreciated his caring manner, equal respect and attention for each of us and his comfort in working with a same sex couple. I would recommend him to others." 

"We went to the right person for couple counseling. His kindness and ability to zero in on our basic differences was a pleasure to listen to. We work on his suggestions still. We are not getting any younger, being 80 now, and we want to be happier with each other for the days we have left. If you want to help yourself as we did, see Dr. Alan Zwerdling. He deserves an A+."

"Dr. Zwerdling is a kind, compassionate therapist who worked well with my husband and me. It takes a truly patient man to sit and listen to two completely different people and be compassionate to both. Alan’s gentle approach was refreshing!"

"Extremely caring and understanding. I appreciated his honesty and non judgmental demeanor. Highly recommended."

"Dr. Z was great, putting both my husband and I at ease from the very start. He was able to see both the male and female points of view and able to help us successfully work on crucial parts of our relationship." 

"While my husband and I were going through a divorce last year we sought the help of Dr. Zwerdling. He was extremely professional, unbiased, and supportive. He listened intently to both my husband and I and helped us find and execute better ways to communicate with each other. Without Dr. Zwerdling's counseling I would find it hard to believe that my ex and I would be in as good of a relationship as we are now." 

"His calm understanding approach is amazing. Run to him if you seek any kind of support in your life he will change it." 

"Dr. Zwerdling was very helpful in helping my husband and I communicate more effectively. I was pleased that he was comfortable working with a same sex couple and gave each of us equal time and respect. I would recommend him to others and am grateful to him for his help."

"My wife and I have a generally good marriage with great communication. However, we had a few issues that were threatening to hijack the marriage. Of course this was very troubling to the both of us, so I, at her suggestion agreed to go to Dr. Z for counseling. It would be an understatement to say I was skeptical heading into therapy. It would also be an understatement to say Dr. Z helped my wife and I develop the tools to make sure our marriage didn't derail. This man is a supernova. I can't say enough positive things about how much help he provided to us. Now, when we come to those potholes in the road that always bedeviled us in the past, we are equipped with the tools to simply maneuver around the trouble without damaging ourselves and our marriage. I can't think Dr. Z enough for all he did for us. Highly recommended!" 

"My husband and I were going through a divorce and having great trouble communicating with one another due to circumstances that led to said divorce. Having small children and resolving our matters civilly and amicably were of utmost importance to us.  Dr. Zwerdling helped us achieve this throughout many sessions with him. He listened to both of us and, was patient, and non-threatening. My ex and I would not be in such a good place right now if it wasn't for the help of Dr. Zwerdling." 

"Dr. Zwerdling helped me through a difficult time when I was struggling with issues of self worth. During that time my best friend moved 2,000 miles away, my boyfriend broke up with me, my mom got sick, and my dad passed away. During those very dark days, he was there consistently and gave me the strength and coping tools to get through it all. I don't know where I would be today or even if I would be at all without him." 

"At a very difficult point in my life, I knew I needed some sort of help. Having never been to any type of therapist before, I began research on the internet. I was fortunate to come across the impressive credentials of Dr. Alan Zwerdling, and immediately made an appointment. I found Dr. Zwerdling to be an extremely effective therapist. His expertise in both marital relationships and alcohol dependence were most beneficial. His innate kindness and patience helped me to relax and explore difficult areas of my life. He was always available for appointments and returned phone calls promptly. I highly recommend him to individuals seeking professional help." 

"Dr. Zwerdling is a kind, compassionate man. He helped my husband and I get through a very dark time in our marriage of 42 years, with infidelity. (husbands doing) I can say, I myself would not be where I am today if it wasn't for his knowledge and expertise. He makes you feel so comfortable with his soft manner and helps you to see that sometimes it really isn't your fault, especially in my case. Along with this, my mother passed away and I was estranged from my siblings. The days and nights seemed dark and bleak but he helped me especially see that it wasn't my fault. He helped me get my confidence back and to remind myself just how strong i really am.... I would recommend Dr. Zwerdling to anyone who needs a comforting, knowledgeable voice. Thank you, Dr. Zwerdling." 


"I started seeing Dr. Zwerdling well over a year ago, and I have to say I wouldn't be where or who I am had he not offered his excellent guidance and advice. I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and lack of self confidence for various reasons, but weekly sessions with Dr. Zwerdling really assured me of who I was, and more importantly who I wanted to become. Although I am not totally 'out of the woods' yet, Dr. Zwerdling is the reason I am on the right path. His attention to detail and commitment to his patients allow him to excel at helping others. I highly recommend Dr. Zwerdling to anyone experiencing any of the issues I listed above!" 

"My wife and I went to Dr Zwerdling after I did some research. He kept us on track and tried to show us how we were stuck in the same dance over and over . I feel more work needs to be done but he has helped me to listen and not just react." 

"My husband and I went to see Dr. Zwerdling during a very difficult time in our marriage. Dr. Zwerdling focused directly on our marital issues and helped us to empathize with what our spouses were feeling. He kept us on track and gave us tools to work with. We have come a long way in our relationship and we owe a great deal of that to Dr. Zwerdling! I would highly recommend him!"

"My husband and I saw Dr. Zwerdling and he truly helped us work many things out in our marriage. Our communication improved exponentially and we learned how to really slow down our communication, which helped us break out of habits and patterns preventing us from really hearing one another. I have recommended him to others as well."  

"We started seeing Dr Zwerdling after our relationship hit rock bottom. We had been through lying, infidelity, lack of communication and trust and on the verge of throwing in the towel. We decided to give our relationship one last chance and started seeing Dr. Zwerdling. He was patient, understanding and direct. He allowed us to explore our feelings and emotions and be able to relate to one another again. He was able to get us to talk and share our feelings without resentment and truly understand each other. We are so much better due to the work with Dr Zwerdling has done with us. We would have never kept our relationship together without his guidance and advice." 

"Pretty much right after our honeymoon my husband and I came to the realization that in laws were going to be a HUGE issue in our marriage. Although we obviously loved each other we could not agree on ANYTHING having to do with each other's families. And because I felt like it was my job to point out all of my husbands family's flaws trying to get some sense of validation it really caused a strain in our marriage. DR ALAN TO THE RESCUE!!!! I believe 100% that our marriage would have crumbled if it had not been for our sessions w Dr Alan! Dr Alan was extremely flexible, always able to fit us in considering our crazy schedules. During our sessions he was the perfect mediator teaching us how to communicate SO much better, how to see things thru each other's eyes & basically how to put each other first. Dr Alan's wisdom & knowledge is absolutely indescribable. We would both definitely recommend his service. We can not thank him enough." 

"After a major event in my life I had found myself in a very unfamiliar place …. I was completely broken and unable to function emotionally. When losing emotional control started having an impact on my ability to function physically I found my way to Dr. Zwerdling. Dr. Zwerdling listened to me and helped me along my journey as I found myself again and became comfortable in my own skin again. He helped me identify the things most important to me and then helped me figure out what tools I had to work on those things. Today because of Dr. Zwerdling's coaching I am a much better version of myself and could not be any happier!"

"My husband and I had a good relationship, but had gotten stuck in some unhealthy patterns (mainly lack of communication) that we just couldn't seem to get out of on our own. Things felt like they were getting worse and worse, so we took the chance of going to talk to someone. It was very meant to be that we found Dr Zwerdling, as I can't imagine anyone doing a better job in getting us back on track. We got to reconnect with each other and ourselves; at the end of our (only 2 months worth of) sessions, our relationship was 100x better than it was even in the beginning. He taught us to pinpoint the real issues and feelings, dig a little deeper, and be on the same team with everything. It really did seem like there was a shift even after the first session. He gave us space to discover things on our own and always knew exactly how much intervention was needed to keep us on track and get us to dig in the right direction. We owe our now-wonderful marriage to this wonderful Dr! "

"Alan has been a godsend. He is a thoughtful, articulate, compassionate, and highly skilled psychologist. He has made it possible for my husband and me to work on our own inner lives as well as the difficulties in our marriage and with our children. I have and will continue to recommend him. I am immeasurably grateful for his work with us." 

"My husband and I started going to see Dr. Zwerdling at a time when I truly felt all hope for our relationship was lost. I felt abandoned, isolated, and unfulfilled. My husband discovered Dr. Zwerdling and made our first appointment, during which I said I would go through the motions of “trying” although I expected little or no results. Dr. Zwerdling is so compassionate and supportive. Our feelings were always met with his clear validation. He helped us see how the pressures of life can have an impact on the relationship of well-meaning people. Now, the thought of breaking apart our functioning, growing, and fulfilling relationship seems out of the question. Our journey towards understanding each other continues, and Dr. Zwerdling has helped us hone in on the issues we will need to continue to work on. Any couple having problems has so much to gain by working with Dr. Zwerdling. My jump from hopeless to hopeful was an unexpected surprise."

"Alan is a very patient person who is smart, kind and trustworthy. We have learned many things about our relationship through our discussions with him. Our communications have greatly improved."

"My husband and I were newlyweds who didn't understand how to communicate our feelings and needs appropriately. We learned that it is not the daily fights that are the problem but the learned behaviors we have had our whole lives that can be the most insightful way to reprogram ourselves to be better partners to each other. His sessions have been invaluable in helping us show each other how much we care about one another. I think every couple should see Dr. Zwerdling. These habits that we have learned in our life affect all areas including family and co workers. How can we afford not to learn the best way to communicate with those we respect and care about?" 

"I began seeing Dr Zwerdling after interviewing several providers in the area and am confident I made the right decision. Since then, I have recommended him to several other people and have done so without reservation. I have found him to be kind and patient and he provides intelligent, honest and objective feedback to help me sort out life's complications. He has gone above and beyond to work with me to manage stress and panic attacks. There is help available and you will find it here."

"I came to Dr. Zwerdling on a recomendation from a family member. At that time my life was in disarray..going thru some very difficult times. Discussing personal issues was hard for me.. but Alan made me feel at ease from day one. I'm glad I can go to someone that I can "unload" my feelngs and am not judged or criticized. I still continue going to him as he helps me get thru hardships I encounter and for an overall sense of relief. I would recommend him to anyone that is going thru a hard time and needs someone to talk to." 

"My husband and I were in a really bad place and Dr. Zwerdling was able to help us reconnect. My husband was leery about going, but Dr. Zwerdling put him at ease and helped us both feel that our points of view were important. In a very gentle and compassionate way, Dr.Zwerdling helped us to express loving feelings for each other that we had not shared for a long time. We are much closer now, communicate better and appreciate each other in a way that we have not for years. We are both so thankful for all that Dr. Zwerdling has done for us. We never dreamed our marriage could be what it is today." 

"I needed an unbiased opinion and outlet. Dr Zwerdling was a tremendous help. He listened. Didn’t cast judgement. I eventually made tremendous changes that have given me peace of mind. Thanks to Dr Zwerdling I managed through an extremely challenging relationship and will never look back."

"I was a patient several years ago at a time of my life that I had no way to control several circumstances I was navigating. The attention and support I received helped me to focus on what I still had control of, myself.  The Doc (as I coined Alan Zwerdling), was supportive, accommodating when I needed to change our schedule, and did so much to teach me how to use tools I never realized I had and provide me with new ones.  I highly recommend him for anyone trying to navigate personal or relationship issues."

"Dr. Zwerdling is a wise and compassionate marriage counselor. I am grateful that my husband and I found Dr. Zwerdling. He listened to our challenges in a smart, patient, non-judgmental way. Some of our issues were frankly very boring and dull, and I'm amazed that Dr. Zwerdling brought  both intelligence and the patience of a saint  to our sessions."

"I am writing this for those who, like myself, feel trapped, lost, desperate and full of fear about their actions and confused about what is going on with them.  I found Dr. Zwerdling on the internet and saw that I had most of the symptoms of a sex addict.  Petrified, I called Dr. Zwerdling and left him a message.  The call back was prompt and words are difficult to explain how empathetic, understanding and interested the Doctor was with my problem.  I experienced other therapy due to a host of problems that started very young as a child of an alcoholic father.  Dr. Zwerdling's approach, understanding and handling of my problem was far superior to the other two therapists I worked with.  He simply cares more and is great at what he does.  My road to recovery was not an easy one but the Doctor gave me the understanding of my problem and action plan for a recovery that I enjoy each day.  He gained my confidence and trust quickly.  This enabled us to work together toward a clearly defined recovery.  My time and effort here is not to promote his practice, but to encourage you to address your fear and find a happiness beyond your imagination.  Call him.  You will not regret it."


"I can’t thank Dr. Zwerdling enough for the insight that he gave my husband and I during our sessions. I needed to be there to be heard and have my pain validated. While it was harder for my husband, Dr. Zwerdling’s approach did not blame him – in fact, he felt supported and heard when we were there. I know that our timem with Dr. Zwerdling led us to where we are now, thankful to have the chance to just hold on to our love and stay connected. Not bad for a couple married 44 years!"

"We went to a therapist the first time we had a problem and that was not very successful for us. Dr. Zwerdling’s counseling and Emotionally Focused Therapy was something that helped us hang in there and work through all our problems. We’re talking, and letting go, and not getting stuck in our feelings like we were. We learned a lot, and I know its helping us get through the personal issues I am struggling with right now. I know he made a difference in our marriage."

"I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Zwerdling. He is a kind, compassionate and caring therapist. He helped my husband and I through a very difficult time in our marriage. I have referred him to many of my friends for either private sessions or marriage therapy. He is an amazing therapist and I highly recommend!"

"Thanks to Dr. Zwerdling, my wife and I are doing great. We are married now, and have the most precious gift, a brand new baby girl. If he had not come along to help us at the critical time in our lives, we would not be as happy as we are right now. His professionalism and patience with me has helped me grow and helped my wife forgive me for my terrible mistakes. Together, we are happier than we have ever been, and we definitely owe much of it to Dr. Zwerdling."

"We are so thankful to Dr. Zwerdling for helping us to keep our cherished family together, and even more for providing us the tools to connect as a couple and recommit to each other as partners in life. His support has given us the strength to express ourselves more fully and to begin to understand a deeper love and appreciation for the other. We are grateful to him for role in our greatest gifts… the renewal of our marriage, the rediscovery of our love, and our family remaining together."

"I started therapy because I was feeling low and needed to boost my self-esteem. Dr. Zwerdling helped me to find the confidence to believe in myself and have the courage to face my fears. I highly recommend Dr. Zwerdling as he is a kind, considerate professional with all the right answers."

"I came to work with Dr. Zwerdling for couples therapy after discovering that my husband had an affair. Although after several months my husband decided he did not want to remain in the marriage or in therapy, I continued to work with Dr. Zwerdling to heal the broken pieces of my marriage ending, betrayal, low self-esteem and the deep pain I was left with. During the time of my on-going therapy work by 38 year old sister died unexpectedly. A year later I suffered a brain injury related to a car accident. I remained a client through the losses and tragedies I experienced. Dr. Zwerdling’s gentle and compassionate presence gave me the courage to go within to heal the pain and face the beliefs I help about myself that were unloving. His insight and ability to guide me in seeing my inner being as one deserving of self-love, as a woman with deep resilience and strength gave me the ability to release the emotional suffering to create internal freedom to be at peace with my experiences and to find joy in myself and in my life again."

"We came to see Dr. Zwerdling to deal with an infidelity in our relationship. Through working with Dr. Zwerdling, we have been able to open the lines of communication to build an even deeper relationship than we had before. Dr. Zwerdling creates an emotionally safe environment making it easier to explore the core of a problem and find an understanding and resolution."

"Years later, we still talk about Dr. Zwerdling, and how much he helped us. We learned how to really talk to each other. Now we can share our feelings, and we are so much closer."

"I came to see Dr. Zwerdling because I was having some struggles in my marriage. I decided to see someone to work on myself. I felt very comfortable working with Dr. Zwerdling and I felt that he understood how I felt. He helped provide some suggestions on how to handle some struggles. I felt more confident with myself knowing that what I thought and felt is not unusual and is normal. I would highly recommend Dr. Zwerdling to anyone thinking about talking with a psychologist."

"I started therapy because I was out of work due to an illness. I was feeling depressed and lonely. When I started with Dr. Zwerdling I immediately felt I was in a warm, comfortable and above all safe environment. Our sessions helped me through some really tough times from my past. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Zwerdling to someone considering therapy."

"His credentials are excellent and his experience is extensive. So what makes Dr. Z different? He is kind. I have trusted him with my pain and he is helping me find solutions to that sadness and desperation within myself."

"I began seeing Dr. Zwerdling when I was having difficulty with my marriage. During our first visit he asked me what I was looking for, and I responded, “clarity”. In the following visits he saw me through a separation, reconciliation, and another separation, the divorce, and its aftermath. By getting to know my story, by asking me insightful questions, and gently not letting me off the hook when I avoided them, Alan led me through a journey of self-discovery. I learned so much about myself, about my self-worth and where that comes from. Thanks to Dr. Zwerdling, today I have a much better idea of who I am and what I want. In other words, I found 'clarity'."

"There was a time in my life I felt my world was upside down. I felt my emotions were not only affecting my life, but the lives and the relationships of those I loved and cared about. I was feeling anxious most of the time and then would suddenly feel a sense of panic. I wasn’t sure what the problem was, but I knew I needed to talk to someone. A friend recommended Dr. Zwerdling. It was a very difficult decision just making that first appointment. After meeting with Dr. Zwerdling I found him to be very supportive and nonjudgmental in his approach. He helped me to open up and take a look at my life from a different perspective in a safe and understanding environment. He offered me the guidance and the tools to better deal with my emotions and the relationships in my life. With his help and guidance the quality of my life and that of my relationships has greatly improved. I would strongly recommend Dr. Zwerdling to anyone."

"I met Dr. Z when I was going through what seemed to be a typical divorce. Things got very ugly and very emotional. I was a complete mess. As the typical “Type A personality MAN”, you wouldn’t think therapy would have been an option. I am grateful that I went and continues to see Dr. Z for years. His approach changed from letting me rant, to listening to me cry, to offering insight that would make me think for days on end. When I was ready (and he is amazing at knowing when you can hear actual CONSTRUCTIVE criticism), he’d say things in such a way that not only made me think but helped me feel. He helped me through my darkest days and I am eternally grateful. He helped me learn to trust again and to be able to love. This may sound like an endorsement from a female client, but he also helped me to recognize that emotions are genderless and emotions are allowable and freeing. I have referred friends and family to Dr. Z and continue to do so. I am proud to have met him, been his patient and consider him a true confidant and friend."

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