Hold Me Tight® Couples Retreat

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You can have a better relationship.

 Are you looking for something that can really make things better – improve communication, stop the arguing, enhance understanding and emotional intimacy, and create a more loving and secure connection?​

This is the couples retreat that is helping people just like you to improve their marriage - even save their marriage - all over the country. The 2-day science based Hold Me Tight® breakthrough weekend that rekindles and repairs relationships and helps couples reconnect. 

​If you're just starting out and want to know how to get it right... If you have been together for a while and just need a tune up... If you've lost that special connection and want to get it back... If you've tried marriage counseling before unsuccessfully... Even if you're thinking about divorce...

WE CAN HELP YOU - in our 2-Day Couples Retreat

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 Our marriage retreat is based on the most successful model of couples therapy available today – Emotionally Focused Therapy – time tested and researched for over 30 years. Devised by Dr. Susan Johnson, the primary developer of EFT. 

We get to the heart of the matter – down to the core emotions and behaviors that are needed to create a loving relationship, and the things that often go wrong that drive conflict and block closeness.  

We help you understand your partner... and yourself, and why you do the things you do. And we show you how to change negative patterns and make things better – right away. 

Our marriage retreat is led by two highly trained and experienced therapists who have completed rigorous training to become certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy and who specialize in helping couples improve their marriage – true relationship experts.

 We know how to create happy relationships, and how to fix them and get them back on track. 


Here’s what you will learn:​

What all relationships need to be healthy, happy and successful

How to find forgiveness and overcome past hurts

How to understand what drives conflict - and how to change it 

How to communicate effectively and feel deeply heard

How to rebuild broken trust, safety and security​

How to create and nurture emotional intimacy

How to keep your love alive and thriving

The importance of touch and affection

PLUS - The Relationship Assessment that answers the question:  Are You There for Me?

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Our 2-Day marriage retreat is receiving enthusiastic reviews from couple after couple who have worked with us. From newlyweds just starting out, to couples who needed to get out of a rut, to couples on the brink of divorce.  

We teach you how to look at your issues and understand them in a new way, based on the solid science of Emotionally Focused Therapy. We use popular movie and TV clips to illustrate our model and demonstrate how to start making your relationship better - with tools that you can start to use immediately. 

We give you time to work on your own issues in private, with therapists standing by if you need them. We have developed highly effective exercises to get you moving in the right direction – quickly. 

 You will never be put on the spot. We don’t believe in shaming or blaming. You will never have to share anything personal unless you want to. Our marriage retreat is all about safety, understanding, and validation.  

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You really can have a happy marriage and a happy future - together. Give your relationship this amazing gift – 2 days of understanding and transformation. Of repair and renewal. Of putting the past in the past and looking forward to an incredible, loving future. Of falling in love all over again. 

Highly effective cutting edge science. Seasoned therapists. Down to earth program. Tools to start using immediately. Provided in a safe, relaxed, shame free, blame free and fun environment. REGISTER NOW.

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All couples are welcome regardless of marital status, age, faith, race, or sexual orientation.

®Hold Me Tight is a Registered Trademark of Dr. Susan Johnson.


"The experience of the workshop has been on eye-opening one and I'm truly grateful that we came to this point at an earlier stage in our marriage and establishment of our family.  I've gained a new confidence in myself and the bond with my wife this weekend and am able to take these new found tools with me to continue to strengthen our relationship.  I was so unsure of my connection with my wife and truly crippled by my own insecurities before going through the workshop that I would have continued down the same hopeless path.  Thank you so much for the gift you've given us and the breath of fresh air that I now feel like I have.  I will never forget this experience and it's been one of the most meaningful experiences of my relationship with my wife, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you."

"Wow!  is all I can say.  There are no coincidences so it is not by chance that my husband and I ended up spending the weekend with you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We are so grateful to have the tools we now have to help us on the wonderful journey of our marriage.  We felt our scenario was a bit different than many others in our group, but had many similar struggles none the less.  The entire workshop from start to finish was relevant, engaging and informational.  The two of you together are like a well oiled machine.  Your level of expertise and ease at which you presented very delicate topics put everyone at ease.  The videos were all very touching and the sense of safety you created for all in the room was truly what allowed us to open up so freely.  We are so ready and willing to move on and create a loving, happy and successful life together for us and our blended family.  I feel so light and free right now thanks to your leadership and guidance.  Many blessings to you both. "I feel like this weekend has changed my life!"

"I feel like this weekend has changed my life!  I felt like our relationship would never be okay, but you have given me hope.  We now have tools and I feel we will be okay.  It will be hard work but it is worth it.  The both of you are exceptional facilitators.  You know so much about the topic and leave no stone unturned.  Please continue your great work!  Thanks again."

"I just want to say that this has been the nicest experience my wife and I have had in the entire 15 years that her and I have had as a couple.  For that, I can't thank you enough."

 "I am so happy that my wife and I attended the HMT workshop.  I have never been to any group environment before like this.  The program really made me delve deeply into our relationship and myself.  It brought out some inner feelings that have been buried forever while providing the tools to learn how to begin to communicate them with my wife.  You both were great presenters of the program and it was evident that you both have a passion and knowledge of it.  Because of this, I think that it was very effective.  I really believe that we are in a much better place leaving than when we arrived.  Now we need to continue into our daily lives with what we've learned.  Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"This workshop experience has been one of the most profound experiences of our marriage.  Although my husband and I communicate often, we can now identify our demon dialogue and we hope to have countless successes stopping it in its tracks.  We've learned that we are not one another's enemies.  Moreover, the "forgiving injuries" portion provided us with essential tools for moving on after hurts occur in our marriage.  The activities and models (via video) helped us view our own relationship with a new lens.  I've learned the rationale to many of my behaviors.  I have the utmost confidence that your delivery, presentation and tools will strengthen our marriage.  Best regards". 

"I am so grateful for this workshop.  Before coming here this weekend I was feeling like my relationship was entering a hopeless place.  With both of your help, I was able to understand my husband more than I have ever before, along with understanding some things that I hadn't realized about myself.  I was able to open up about things I feel inside that I had pushed back because of that hopeless feeling and was also able to see things about my husband's feelings in a new light and realize that a lot of our fears were very much alike.  I realized his pain was as great as mine.  You have given us a fresh start and for that I am so incredibly grateful!  Thank you both so much.  I think this workshop is the best thing that could have happened to us."

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